5 Reasons Why You Will Excel in Pediatric Nursing

NursingMay 19, 2014

Does pediatric nursing sound like it could be the ideal nursing job for you? Discovering which field of nursing that you would enjoy takes some thought. Some nurses know that they are great with the elderly; some enjoy the fast pace of the emergency room; others believe that they might enjoy surgery, as they find it interesting. Before deciding that you want to become a pediatric nurse, ponder the five following traits of successful pediatric nurses:


As if being in a hospital is not frightening enough for a small child, being confronted by an unfit nurse can make for a thoroughly unpleasant experience. For those who decide to take the plunge and become a pediatric nurse, the first quality they possess must be a love of children — all children. This does not mean just adorable babies and toddlers, but adolescents and teens as well. Kindness will soothe them and make them feel more comfortable.


Patience is a virtue, they say. Such patience requires great skill. Children require a nurse to have patience. This is true with many adults as well, but even more so when dealing with children. If they are not feeling well, they are likely scared, especially if they are in the hospital and away from their home and family. In the field of pediatric nursing it is the nurse's job to make them more comfortable and to attempt to alleviate any fears.


Being around healthy children will definitely make you laugh and enjoy the fun aspects of life. However, sick children may sometimes be disheartening. Children should not have to be in the hospital or hooked up to machinery; they should be romping outdoors in the sun. It does not always work that way in life, and a pediatric nurse must have fortitude. Without this, a pediatric nurse will not only bring herself down, but the child that she is caring for, as well. Children need encouragement and strength from those around them at all times.


Children need fun in their lives even when they are not well. The playful nurse will be well-loved and a favorite among children. She will be the one that they want to play games with while they are recovering and the one who reads books to them with enthusiasm and animation in her voice. She will also be the one who loves dressing in Tinkerbell scrubs for them just to remind them that they are still children.

Ability to Distract

The smart pediatric nurse knows how to distract a child. This is a great skill to have when dealing with children. The art of distraction is used often, especially when the child is faced with something that is painful, such as needles or a frightening procedure that may need to be done.

If you love being around children, caring for children and playing with children, you have the qualities it takes to be a pediatric nurse. You will often hear a pediatric nurse say that it is the best job in the world to have.