5 Reasons Nursing Programs in Ohio are Awesome

NursingMay 10, 2014

Nursing programs in Ohio benefit from both the beauty and history of this unique and exciting state. Located in the Midwest, Ohio has some areas that are quite cosmopolitan, and some that are quite rural. It's also the seventh most populous state, which means there are many hospitals and healthcare facilities to take care of the 11.54 million residents. Here are five reasons you'd be lucky to attend one of the nursing programs in Ohio.

1. It's a Sports Fan's Paradise

You will be celebrating with die-hard fans all year long with the many sports franchises in Ohio: the Reds, the Bengals, the Browns, the Cavaliers, the Indians, the Bluejackets and more. Ohio fans are passionate about their teams, and their tailgating parties are legendary. No matter which professional sport is your favorite, you will find someone to cheer for in Ohio.

2. The Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic is considered one of the top four hospitals in the country, and it calls Ohio home. It is an exciting place to work and to treat patients with the latest developments and the cutting edge of medical innovation. For patients with complex medical problems, the Cleveland Clinic has become a life-changing facility. It is passionately dedicated to research; as a nurse, it will be an opportunity to care for the sickest patients and to learn a lot in the process. In addition, since the clinic has such a strong reputation, other hospitals in the area have to keep pace, making it a great place to practice as a nurse.

3. The Halls of Fame

Ohio is into Halls of Fame. From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to the Polka Hall of Fame in Euclid, Ohioans like to celebrate accomplishments and their fair state has ten such Halls dedicated to individuals of celebrated talent and ability in the fields of music, sports and aviation. They are exciting to visit — keep an eye out for a party when a new group or individual is inducted!

4. The Food and Drink

Oh, the food! Citizens of Ohio know what is delicious, and they aren't ashamed of it. Fast food companies pilot their new creations in the Columbus area to see how they will fare on a larger market. Restaurants are renown for their huge burgers, unusual offerings and amazing flavors. And don't forget the breweries: Ohio has plenty of adult beverages for you to enjoy with all of that amazing food.

5. It's Accessible

Columbus, Ohio is within 500 miles of half of the population of the US. So, odds are, if you are in Columbus, you are close to home. Of course, with all the great food, sports teams and fun things to do, your friends and family may plan on visiting you!

Applying to nursing programs in Ohio is a personal decision and can only be made with careful consideration. The best way to find out is to check out the nursing programs in Ohio for yourself and see all that it has to offer!

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