5 Pieces of Advice From a Former Nursing Student

NursingApril 18, 2014

Well-meaning people can sometimes offer unsolicited advice, which can be both valuable and sometimes unwanted. Wanted or unwanted, new nursing students should take heed of the following important pieces of advice from a former nursing student.

Sleep Well

You are likely to work harder than you ever have in you life. But, you shouldn't let this discourage you — hard work pays off in the end. Since you are thinking of going to or already attend nursing school, it is more important now that you get your eight hours of sleep each night. Most student nurses fall asleep with books surrounding them and do not need any coaxing to call it a night; mornings generally come quickly and are filled with great adventures.

Eat Properly

When you eat well your energy levels soar, allowing you to take on the day with confidence. Nourishing the body with quality foods provides the brain power that is needed to get through the school day. Never skip breakfast — no matter how late you are running. At least grab something that you can munch on at some point in the morning.


Most people may wonder how they could possibly find time for exercise. You need to make the time somewhere in your busy day. Carving out a 15-minute spot in your already crowded day may seem impossible, but you can do it with the right attitude. Just exercising for 15-minutes each day will help to increase your energy. You can take a walk, ride a bike or jump around to an aerobics DVD. What form of exercise you choose isn't as important as the simple act of moving around and getting the blood pumping.

Study Hard

You will need to study hard in order to achieve your goals. There is a great deal to learn, but rest assured that the material will always be interesting. When they put your graduation pin on your shirt you will realize that every minute that you spent studying was well worth it.

Put Things on Hold

Know when to say no or reschedule plans. This is probably the best piece of advice to remember. Your studies will require great focus and commitment; you cannot be expected to be involved in too many other things while otherwise engaged. It is crucial that you devote yourself to your studies. Remember: Your future career is riding on it. There is nothing to feel guilty about when you say no while trying to learn how to be a good nurse.

If you can reconcile your studies with your personal wellness, social life and academic habits, your time in nursing school will be positive and productive. After the work is done, you can look forward to a bright and long future in medicine!

Photo Source: Flickr