3 Reasons Why A Registered Nurse Career is a Great Choice

NursingAugust 28, 2015

Working in the medical field can offer many different career choice opportunities. Though some require higher education, such as that of the registered nurse, they are often in high demand due to growing patient needs. Hospitals and other medical facilities are filled with people that require the loving care of a health professional. Here are three great reasons why a career in registered nursing is a smart choice:

Diverse Career Choices

As a registered nurse, you can choose to work in a variety of places doing any number of tasks. You can choose to work in a busy hospital on a busy floor, such as dialysis, or a job area that offers a lower amount of stress, such as that of an office nurse. Throughout your career, you can change positions to suit your physical abilities. During your younger years, working on a busy floor might not be a great challenge, but as you get older you may develop limitations.As a nurse though, you will still be able to maintain your career in a less physically demanding job. 

A registered nurse can work in pediatrics, dialysis, wound care, or on a medical floor or surgical floor, as well as in other areas of health care. You can choose to work in a hospital, a nursing home, a group home, assisted living, a rehabilitation facility and other medical environments.

Generous Benefits

A nurse is often awarded great benefits in the health care industry. Not all places are the same in this regard, but many medical facilities offer health care, paid time off, 401K plans, life insurance and other great perks. 

Dental and vision plans are sometimes included under the health care plan. Many health care facilities offer tuition assistance. This benefit is especially useful as you will be able to further your career and your place of employment will help to pay for schooling.

Scheduling Flexibility

Nurses work hard and with great responsibilities, but nursing has other perks about it that other jobs might not. One of these is flexibility in scheduling: Some schedules can include weekends only, four hour shifts, per diem and more. Other places offer their employees a work schedule of three days a week for 12 hours with four days off. They still receive full-time pay this way, but have more time at home. Many employers in the health care industry are willing to work with you if you have special circumstances or if you are going to school. 

The time to attend school to become a registered nurse is now! The benefits of nursing extend beyond what has been listed, as you can help people who are unable to care for themselves. You will leave your job every day feeling useful and appreciated. Priceless!