3 Educational Tours That Every Student Nurse Should Experience

NursingDecember 11, 2014

Educational tours will serve to reinforce everything that you will learn as a student nurse. These interesting trips during nursing school and while on breaks will keep your skills sharp and ready to use when you begin your nursing career. Summer programs will keep you busy as you develop new knowledge during these tours. Here are three educational tours that every student nurse should experience at least once in her lifetime:

National Head Start Association (NHSA)

Head Start is a federally operated program for low-income families with children up to five years of age. This program helps children in their physical and mental development, as well as in other areas. Every year, the National Head Start Association has an annual conference and expo. Attending this conference and expo would be a great learning experience for anyone, especially a student nurse. You will remember it long after you have attended.

Summer Camp Programs

There are a variety of things that a student nurse can do and learn at summer camp. You can help a child become more comfortable in his surroundings, patch up a scraped knee, help with medications and more when you join one of these programs. Some kids can become very homesick and need a nurse with a good bedside manner to help them through. You will not only sharpen some of those nursing skills, but have fun joining activities with the children who attend a summer program. For the experience, as well as the fun, join up for a summer camp program this year.

Mission Trips

There is nothing quite like a mission trip to make you feel useful and appreciated. There are so many needs in other countries for anyone with even just a small bit of knowledge in the medical profession. The need is so profound that they will welcome anyone in this field with open arms. There are opportunities to serve the homeless, the sick and many others who are in need of care. There are so many people are in need of dental and medical care, and almost all of them are disadvantaged. As a student nurse, not only will you learn more than you thought you would ever dream of, but you will walk away feeling good and develop a new appreciation for your own health and all that you have. Photo Source: Flickr [cf]skyword_tracking_tag[/cf]