The Surgical Tech Uniform: A New Look

HealthcareMarch 22, 2014

When you are employed as a surgical technician, you need to be as comfortable as possible. You may be required to work very long shifts and work in emergency situations. It's great to be positive and flexible, but the outfit or surgical tech uniform you are wearing needs to reflect that, too. Think about it.

Street Clothes Don't Work

Wearing a uniform during surgical procedures came about for numerous reasons. Wearing "street clothes" that might be contaminated in any way with dirt or dust in what needs to be a sterile operating environment is obviously not a good idea. Surgical tech uniforms (scrubs) were designed because they're easy to pull on and take off. Often these uniforms have no pockets, zippers or buttons which is key since it eliminates the chance of having anything that might be dangerous (think dust in a pocket or a button falling off) that could potentially find its way into an operating room. That's why scrubs were created with simple drawstring pants (similar to sweatpants) and tops that are pulled over one's head which are ideal for this work environment.

Part of the Surgical Team

Working as a surgical tech, you may also find yourself working in a delivery room or as a vital part of the operating room team. During most procedures, you may also be wearing a gown to further protect your clothing as well as a sterile mask and gloves. Since keeping everything sterilized in an operating room is extremely important to prevent infection, after a surgical procedure, you may even be asked to toss your uniform! Fortunately, since scrubs are relatively inexpensive (as compared to regular "work" clothes), it's a good idea to have extra scrubs on hand for exactly this type of scenario.

Scrubs as Fashion Statement

The typical surgical tech uniform, once only available in "hospital" green or blue, has definitely come a long way. Today, you can find scrubs in nearly every color and some even have designs on them. For example, if you're working in a hospital delivery room, as a female surgical tech you might be able to find a uniform that comes in a choice of pink or purple with tiny baby bottles on it! Luckily, you'll have a variety of choices when it comes to scrub-wear, and unlike other professions your scrubs can simply be laundered (no expensive dry cleaning required!). Finally, if the scrubs get too stained from a surgical procedure, you can simply throw them away!

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