Surgical Technology Vs. Medical School in Texas

For those aspiring to work within a surgical environment, there are several options available for medical school in Texas. In the city of Houston alone, there are two medical schools (one public and one private) that have fairly reasonable tuition and fees, in comparison to other schools across the United States. Although the tuition may be more affordable than in other places, these schools are highly competitive, and they require that you have at least 90 hours of undergraduate coursework from an accredited university. Medical school applicants are evaluated on a number of characteristics. These areas include grades, motivation, integrity, leadership, communication and interest in a long-lasting career within the field of medicine.

With nearly eight years of school, in addition to a medical residency and possibly a two year fellowship in a chosen specialty, many a long hour is spent in the pursuit of the education needed for a career as a physician. This fact alone causes many aspiring medical professionals, who have the resources and requirements, to seek alternative career paths. For those individuals who long to work in a surgical environment, another option is to pursue a degree in surgical technology as an alternative to medical school.

Candidates already living in the Houston area are in luck because they already have at least two surgical technology programs from which to choose. Those candidates seeking a program should give the Houston area serious consideration when conducting their search.

Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas; within the U.S., there are only five larger metropolitan areas. Houston is home to museum and theater districts, as well as the Johnson Space Center and the Texas Medical Center, which is noted as the world's largest medical center. Houston is a culturally diverse city that also prides itself on its parks and green spaces. It has a thriving sports culture as well, with professional baseball, basketball and football teams.

Perhaps most important to those interested in a surgical career is Houston's extremely large healthcare sector. Whether prospective students ultimately choose a path in surgical technology or medical school in Texas, Houston is a wise choice for either option. The city's opportunities for training are numerous, and the availability of jobs is likely to be excellent. The history, diversity and cultural environment of this coastal city are definite perks and a guarantee that a student's down time will never be boring.

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