Medical Assistants Recognition Day: A day in the life of a medical assistant

HealthcareOctober 01, 2020

October 21, 2020 is Medical Assistants Recognition Day, which is part of Medical Assistants Recognition Week held during the third full week of October. On this day, employers, colleagues and patients can show their appreciation for this important role that helps healthcare facilities run smoothly.

Medical assistants work alongside physicians and nurses, performing administrative and clinical duties. They may schedule appointments, check in patients when they arrive for their appointments, and update medical records. Some also assist during exams and procedures. With so many duties, the job of a medical assistant often includes a lot of variety. Here’s a preview of what an average day might look like. 

Before Patients Arrive

Medical assistants arrive early to prepare for the day before the first patients are scheduled to arrive. They may start the morning by retrieving phone or email messages that were left overnight, and then log into the facility’s healthcare system and review the daily schedule with the physician. Next, they will prepare for patients who are due to arrive by gathering charts and other paperwork and setting up rooms for procedures. 

During Patient Hours

In busy healthcare facilities, appointments are often booked in 15-minute increments, frequently filling the day, with little downtime. When patients arrive, medical assistants will check them in, verify patient and insurance information, and provide them with any forms that need to be completed. A medical assistant will then walk the patient to the examining room, take their vital signs, review and update the patient’s history, and make sure they’re prepared for the physician. 

Medical assistants may also help during an examination, collecting samples for laboratory tests, and providing the patient with post-visit instructions. During office hours, medical assistants may also take messages from patients, relay information to physicians, and return calls.

The End of the Day

When the last patient leaves, a medical assistant’s day isn’t over. While the office is quiet, they will handle any tasks that weren’t finished over the course of the day, such as completing patient charts, returning phone calls, refilling prescriptions, or scheduling appointments. They will help clean and restock exam rooms, preparing for the next day so the morning isn’t as rushed. 

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