Is Medical Billing and Coding Right for Me?

HealthcareMarch 31, 2022

If you’re looking for a professional career path to pursue, you might consider going into medical billing and coding. This role is critical to the healthcare industry, taking health information provided by medical teams and converting it into codes that insurance companies need to reimburse providers. Medical billers and coders will need to possess several important qualities and traits to perform their jobs well. 

  1. They’re detail-oriented and organized
    When reviewing patients’ health records, medical billers and coders need to be able to focus on small details to code the information correctly. Mistakes could result in a claim being denied or improperly processed. Medical billing and coding professionals also need to manage a high volume of paperwork each day; staying organized and on task is critical.
  2. They use discretion
    Medical billers and coders will have access to patients' charts, including sensitive personal information. Since patients have a right to privacy, this role requires that you can honor that privacy and be discrete. Sharing details could lead to termination as well as to serious legal consequences.
  3. They’re tech-savvy
    Most hospitals and physicians’ offices use electronic health records, and billers and coders need to feel confident accessing digital information. Learning new software programs and using them proficiently is essential in this career. 
  4. They’re critical thinkers
    Coders may need to pull and compare information from different sources in order to be able to code a patient’s record. Additionally, a coder may encounter a situation where they don’t have enough knowledge to code properly, so they need to be comfortable seeking out more information and asking questions when necessary. 
  5. They work independently
    While medical billing and coding professionals play an important role in healthcare facilities, they often work independently at their desk or even remotely at home. As a result, they need to be proactive, self-starters and be responsible for getting their work done accurately and on time without supervision. 
  6. A love of medicine 
    While medical coding doesn’t involve direct patient contact, the job is centered in healthcare. It requires a good grasp of anatomy and physiology to evaluate medical records and patient treatment. Medical billers and coders need to learn complex medical terminology and phrases, which can often sound alike, to assign codes to claims accurately. 

If these traits sound like you, becoming a medical billing and coding professional might be a good career choice. Fortis can help you get started. This program is available at our campuses in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. To learn more, please visit our website