A Day in the Life of an Emergency Medical Technician

HealthcareAugust 01, 2021

During a medical emergency, the first people on the scene are often the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). EMTs care for sick and injured people in situations that require quick reactions. A fast-paced, exciting position, you may have wondered what it’s like to be EMT. Even though EMTs perform some routine tasks, no two days are ever the same.  

Responding to Emergencies 

Generally working in pairs, EMTs work on an ambulance and are sent to respond to 911 and other emergency calls. These calls could be life-threatening situations, such as a someone suffering from a heart attack or gunshot wound. Other calls may be for less serious complaints like a broken leg. EMTs may even deliver babies if the mother is unable to get to the hospital in time. Working in an ambulance means you are dispatched to a variety of locations, from homes to businesses to streets and highways.  

First Responders 

Often one of the first professionals on the scene, EMTs assess, treat and transport patients with serious issues. They will collect information about the patient by performing a physical exam and by asking about medical history. The procedures EMTs perform will depend on their skill and training but could include everything from CPR to bandaging wounds to stabilizing accident victims and then transporting the patient to the hospital. 

Working with Other Professionals 

In addition to the healthcare team on the ambulance, EMTs will work with police officers and firefighters who may also be dispatched to the scene. Once the ambulance arrives at the hospital, EMTs may interact directly with the ER staff, which includes nurses and physicians. They’ll share the vitals they collected as well as their own assessments and findings.  

Preparing for the Next Emergency 

After a patient is delivered to the hospital and leaves their care, an EMT will need to clean and disinfect their ambulance. They’ll also restock any supplies they used so they are ready for the next patient. 

Saving Lives 

Working as an EMT can be extremely rewarding because you are making a difference in someone’s life every day you put on your uniform. EMTs are dispatched during times of emergency and get a chance to help patients and their families, making a positive impact in their community.  

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