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What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be for 2016?

General EducationDecember 10, 2015

December has always been one of the more festive times of the year. The holidays are upon us, and the promise of a New Year shines brightly ahead. It is truly the time of year for goodwill and cheer.  


It’s also a time for self-improvement.


Whether enrolled in classes or working a job, many of us will be taking a break from our regular routine to spend time with family and friends. Away from our everyday obligations, we may have some quiet time to re-evaluate who we are and what we’re doing with our lives. The holiday time is the perfect situation to plan for personal betterment in the next year.


Setting Goals for 2016

What New Year’s resolutions are you undertaking next year? Some of the more popular ones-- losing weight, exercising more, and generally trying to live healthier—are often at the top of many lists. However, two additional resolutions – getting a new job and improving one’s finances – have been cracking the top five in recent years.


These are lofty goals, but definitely but attainable ones. Maybe not in weeks or months, but certainly in a year or two for those who make the decision now to start preparing for a new, better career. Often, that means going back to school—which raises many questions. How will we pay for our education? How will I fit classes into regular work and/or family schedules? Which school should I choose? What career is the best fit for us and our needs?


Where to look for jobs and education in 2016

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare jobs are expected to show the highest rate of growth through 2022. We’ve all heard about the need for nurses, a field in which jobs are growing faster than the average (19%). But, did you know Medical Assistant jobs are growing even faster – at 29%? If you’re interested in exploring jobs in healthcare – or other allied health and skilled trade professions – contact Fortis for more information.


Fortis Colleges and Institutes provide hands-on educational experiences in a wide range of healthcare, nursing, and skilled trades programs. We even business programs that can help point the way to exciting new career opportunities. Fortis has more than 40 campuses in 15 states, so there may be one close to you. New programs start January 4th.


Make 2016 not just a new year, but make it about creating a New You. Maybe next December, or two years from now, as the holidays approach you’ll be saying “Thank You” to yourself for taking that first step today.

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