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On the Road Again: Where Can My CDL Take Me?

General EducationSeptember 06, 2018

Getting a Commercial Driver’s License will lead you down many new roads (literally!). While many get their CDL planning to become an over-the-road truck driver, a CDL is a surprisingly versatile document. While there are many driving jobs available, you’re not limited to being behind a wheel. Check out the following list of potential jobs available to those who have a CDL.

Highway Maintenance Technician

This position ensures highways and roads across the country stay in safe and working order. Generally, these workers spend their time on highway sites in need of repair. They perform duties, such as paving uneven or damaged highways, painting traffic lines and dividers, removing debris, and expanding current infrastructure.

Engineering Equipment Operator

Engineering Equipment Operators run heavy construction equipment. The operator usually moves earth and rock, piles brush and pulls tree planting equipment. They’re also responsible for performing maintenance and minor repairs to their equipment.

Construction Equipment Operator

Ever wonder how many big vehicles there are in the construction industry? The range is incredibly diverse, including dump trucks, knuckle boom loaders, track hoes, flatbeds, bush hogs, cranes, and steamrollers – just to name a few. Behind each vehicle is a CDL-carrying operator.


The transpiration industry is no different than any other industry – there will always be a need for skilled professionals who supervise and lead the team.

Terminal Manager

While being a Terminal Manager doesn’t require a CDL, it certainly helps! People in this position are the field managers of a trucking company and are responsible for organizing, planning, and implementing transportation solutions.

Delivery Driver

If you’re still yearning for a taste of the open road, but still want to have flexible hours – delivery drivers are needed in almost every industry. From moving companies, furniture stores to medical suppliers there is always a demand for licensed drivers.

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