Special Series: Finding Time to Learn Remote and Online

How to Limit Distractions During Self-Isolation

General EducationApril 13, 2020

For many students, the biggest challenge created by COVID-19 is the transition to a virtual classroom. At Fortis, we understand how the lure of TV, social media and household chores can easily derail the best studying intentions. Here are some ways to limit your distractions:

Designate a Study Area (Not on Your Bed)

While everyone loves to be comfortable while studying, you may want to think twice before choosing your bed. According to American College of Healthcare Sciences, doing schoolwork while in the comfort of your bed limits focus and decreases productivity. Instead, designate a room with good lighting to start your online work. 

Listen to Motivating Music

According to a Stanford Medicine study, listening to music engages areas of the brain and can sharpen its ability to sustain attention. Whether you prefer pop, jazz, or even white noise – you can download your favorite music streaming app to find your perfect study playlist.

Download a Focus App

Whether you need to time yourself or block certain websites, there’s an app for that. To keep from getting distracted, consider downloading apps such as Forest: Stay FocusedFlora – Focus Habit Tracker, or Freedom: Block Websites & Apps. Set the apps to operate for a timeframe to enable you to fully focus on your schoolwork.

Have Healthy Snacks Nearby

If you find yourself having constant cravings, keep some healthy study snacks nearby. This will save you from that concentration-breaking trip to the kitchen. Some good options include dark chocolate, almonds, popcorn, grapes, trail mix and veggies. 

Take Frequent Breaks 

Staring at a computer screen for hours at a time is exhausting. Take short, 15-minute breaks to stretch or enjoy a short walk around your neighborhood (while maintaining social distancing). This will allow you to get back into studying quicker.

Plan Your Week

If you don’t have one already, invest in a planner. It is easy to forget deadlines and assignments without a professor to remind you. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks, use a planner to keep track of deadlines and plan your week accordingly. 

Here are additional resources to help:      

As you continue to work towards your degree, Fortis is here to help you. If you have questions, please reach out to your Program Director via cell phone or email for more information.