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Four Ways to Be Successful at Hybrid Learning

General EducationApril 08, 2021

In 2020, the pandemic changed how students learned as schools across the country pivoted away from traditional classrooms. Now that states and educational institutions are starting to open up again, you may find yourself dealing with a hybrid schedule, with some classes continuing to meet online and others, such as labs, being conducted in-person. To handle this type of environment, students may find it helpful to do a few key things to set themselves up for success. 

Have the right tools

You’ll need a computer and the right software in order to keep up with online lessons. You’ll also need a reliable Internet connection. If your home service isn’t the best, you might consider doing your schoolwork in a public space that offers free wireless connections, such as at a coffee shop or library. Also, confirm which types of software your instructor recommends or requires. If you are having trouble with access or need assistance, contact your campus for help.  

Get organized

Hybrid classes require students to organize their materials and their work. Whether the class is held live online or as a self-study, you need to be prepared and able to follow directions. Be sure to carefully read over the syllabus, marking down important dates in your schedule, such as quizzes and exams. Know the best way to reach your instructor if you have questions. Some instructors hold virtual office hours, while others prefer to communicate via email. And, make a plan to stay on top of assignments. Just because you may not be “going” to campus for every class, does not make it less important. Waiting until the last minute to complete homework or start studying for exams, may add stress that can harm your performance in the class. 

Connect with others

Even though you may not be in the classroom together during the entire term, don’t forget you still have classmates. Be proactive in reaching out to form study groups—online or, where possible, in person. Working together can be a way to help each other get through the class by sharing information, reviewing a lecture or preparing for an exam. 

Know yourself

Taking online classes requires you to be an independent learner. Since you won’t be showing up to a classroom for every class, you will need to be organized and willing to do the work on your own schedule. If you’re the type of person who needs outside motivation, pair up with another student and become accountability buddies. 

The study skills you develop in a hybrid environment can help you become a more motivated and determined student. When you’re ready to get on the path to a new career, Fortis can help with a wide variety of programs. To learn more, call 1-855-436-7847 for more information or to schedule a campus visit.