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A Day in the Life of an Over-the-Road Driver

General EducationSeptember 24, 2019

Interested in driving a truck as a career?

Shaquala Brown, an All-State Career School graduate, has been driving for more than 10 years and can’t see herself doing anything else. She saw an ad for the CDL program but enrolled based on a recommendation from her uncle. Here is how she describes her life as an over-the-road driver:

“I ended up doing mostly long-haul driving because I was only 21
when I graduated and most companies preferred employees who were older. Now I prefer it because my career has given me the opportunity to visit all 48
states. I drive with a buddy, and sometimes my dog and prefer the night shift. When I drive, my companion driver is in the back where we have comfortable sleeping accommodations, a TV and a mini-kitchen. The alone time gives me the opportunity to learn new languages; I have audio tapes for French, Spanish and Japanese. When I need a break, I listen to podcasts or satellite radio. I usually drive for 11 hours and then take the required 10-hour break during which time my partner drives. We usually switch and buy fuel and food at the same time. Sometimes I sleep the whole 10 hours; other times I read or work on my crafting, a new hobby of mine. I generally stay in the back unless we experience bad weather or horrible traffic. Then I hop back into the front.

It’s good to have an extra pair of eyes and hands when conditions on the road
are not perfect. At our destination, we can often choose where we go next; other times the destination is chosen for us. If there is a time lapse, we stay at a hotel and check out the local sites. If not, our job is to hook up the trailers; we generally haul two at a time. I prefer getting right back on the road and am usually home for the weekends. There is so much flexibility, so much opportunity for adventure and self-discovery. The key is to find the right boss. Then the road (to success) is wide open.”

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