Fortis Extends Its Pledge Of Educational Confidence To New Students Through The End Of The Year

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 4:01 PM

Call it the "Fortis Pledge." Fortis Colleges and Institutes feel so strongly about the great education they offer that, if a new student's commitment to post-secondary education changes within the first two weeks of classes, he or she may withdraw and not be charged for tuition.

The program has been extended to include all new classes that begin this year (by Dec. 31, 2012) at ground-based Fortis campuses only (online enrollment is excluded). The program also will be honored for spring 2013 high school graduates who are guaranteed access to the Pledge, even if it is not extended again, by enrolling before January 1 for classes that start at Fortis in summer 2013.

"We are confident our campuses offer one of the strongest, most beneficial education platforms available; however, we also realize some students could decide they're not ready to take that next step, or their commitments may change after enrollment," said Fortis President and CEO Duncan Anderson. "As part of our continuing efforts to explore how to better serve students and the communities in which we are located, Fortis instituted this program to ensure that students feel comfortable with their decision to attend one of our campuses."

In order to provide students with a realistic experience of what it means to attend class on a regular basis at Fortis campuses, all standards for academic integrity will be in place during the two-week period. Students will be accountable for attendance, being on time, and meeting all class requirements without exception. 

Any qualified student within the time frame of the program who otherwise meets all admissions entrance requirements may begin classes and attend for the first two weeks of scheduled classes with no tuition obligation should he or she choose not to continue the program.

"At Fortis, we are proud of the education we provide and the outcomes we are able to achieve regarding student completion and placement rates. Interested persons should contact their nearest Fortis campus for program details regarding the Fortis Pledge," Anderson added.