Program is designed for working RNs and Fortis nursing graduates seeking the education and credentials to move into higher level nursing positions.

Monday, April 16, 2012 3:43 PM

Fortis College, Centerville, a post-secondary education institution, is seeking qualified candidates for the campus’ new RN – BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Degree Bridge Program. 

A bachelor’s degree generally is required to move into administrative nursing positions. The Centerville campus’ program is tailored to working registered nurses (RNs) who are seeking continued professional growth and advancement. The curriculum offers advanced nursing concepts that enable prospective nurse leaders to enhance critical thinking and develop the leadership and management skills required of senior nursing professionals. 

Fortis College, Centerville is beginning to enroll RN – BSN Degree Bridge program students now for upcoming class starts. Future class starts will be scheduled regularly throughout the year. 

“What makes this program attractive for area RNs with an Associate Degree in Nursing is that with their bachelor’s degree they can expand their professional horizons, whether that is to take on a more advanced role, teach nursing, enter administration and manage a department, become a consultant, or join the research field,” said Campus President Dr. Richard Rucker. “The Fortis program will instill in RNs the skills to take their careers to the next level in nursing.”

“Although definitely for everyone, this program is the next step for our nursing graduates as well. Our strategy is to allow Fortis students to start in the practical nursing (PN) program, then enable them to get an associate degree and become an RN. Now they can continue on to earn their BSN,” Rucker added. 

As one of the largest nursing education providers in the U.S., Fortis has enrolled more than 4,000 nursing students nationwide and operates over 20 nursing campuses in 10 states.

Fortis Colleges and Institutes have received international recognition for their leadership in using simulation technology to educate nursing students. As a leading nursing education provider, Fortis campuses are creating strong learning environments for students who will become tomorrow’s nurses. Fortis’ reputation as a leading educator of nursing students also is reflected in its pass rates for the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Exam), the examination for licensing nurses in the U.S. Review the Fortis NCLEX pass rates to learn how they compare to programs at other schools, including major universities at

The Fortis educational process provides graduates with tools for establishing professional goals and achieving success in existing and emerging professions. Fortis students are able to select from enhanced course offerings backed by the resources of a strong educational network that is committed to quality education and dedicated to placing students on desired career paths.