Stefanie D.

Stefanie D.

My experience here at Fortis was good. The schedule was very flexible; they allowed me to do my military duties while I was here.

In my professional life the things I have learned from the teachers I actually hear them when I am in session and I have an issue and I am like okay what would Ms. Leach do, or what would Ms. Smith do, or what would Ms. Dray do? So I actually carry that with me into my professional service.

I really enjoy the therapeutic side of massage because it is not just about relaxation; there are so many benefits to massage. There is improved circulation, decreased anxiety, decreased stress, more restful sleep.

People come in, they have an issue, they ask me for help and it is just the best feeling when they leave and they feel better, they feel better about themselves, their body feels better, it is pretty amazing.

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