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Joshua B

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Joshua B

I went from EMT to surgical tech; part of it was monetary, I needed to provide better for my family; but also I wanted to do more. 

What I do now is I work as a surgical technologist. I am actually now the robotic coordinator, so I’m in charge of all the robotic procedures that we do in the OR. 

The education I got at Fortis was great. It was very in depth but it also taught me to think outside the box a little bit and have to do research on my own. So it taught me how to learn, it taught me how to get the answers that were not being provided sometimes; because there’s so much information there’s no possible way you can all get it at one time from one source. 

I know sometimes my kids wish I was home more, but as I get older I know that they will appreciate what I’m trying to do for them.

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