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Hillary M.

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Hillary M.

Before I came to school I had just moved back from South America. I had just finished high school; I moved back about six months after I graduated and I was looking for a job, looking for something to get into and that’s when a friend of mine recommended this school.

What I’m doing now is I am a professional massage therapist. I’m a licensed massage therapist. I’ve been doing it for almost three years now.

A lot of people think “oh you’re just going to…yeah massage me, you’re going to pat me down”. It is a lot more than that, you have to learn anatomy of the body, full anatomy, like you have nerves and massage the bones where everything is attached, how everything works.

The most influential person in my life I think would have to be my mother precisely because apart from Fortis teaching me self-motivation my mom has always done that. She’s my best friend. There is nothing easier to say than that.

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