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Anita M.

I would like to tell you my experience at Fortis College. It was a blessing and amazing time. I have been to many different colleges in my life - Fortis College is the best one I've been to. The staff truly and genuinely cares about their students, from the president, to admissions, to the teachers, and everyone in between.

When they say, 'My door is always open", believe it. It's always open, even when they are on the phone. The best part is that they really listen to you and what you have to say, no matter if it's about school or your personal life. They even have stopped a meeting to listen to their students.

Fortis College really wants their students to be successful. They really believe in their students. What I love about Fortis College is that the president and others are accessible to the students. They don't just sit behind the desk and hide. They even come and get to know the students. The staff and teachers will not let you give up.

There were many days where I said I was done, I'm not coming back, I can't do it. Alright, let's be real: like, every day! And, every day my teachers would say, "see you tomorrow!". I would take a deep breath and say, "all right, see you tomorrow." I came back.

I also promised two in admissions that I would not quit. I like that my teachers would put things on the board for us, when we had tests, exams and finals - things like, "You rock, you are amazing!" - when we came in the next morning, it was on the board. One even played soft music for us, let me tell you that really helped me a lot.

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