Cookeville - Sarah Brown

Cookeville - Sarah Brown

Profile photo of Employer - Business Operations Manager, Cookeville OB-GYN

Employer - Business Operations Manager, Cookeville OB-GYN

Medical Assisting

Fortis Institute in Cookeville

The medical industry has changed significantly over the past several years due to the increased regulations and guidelines set forth to us, so our hiring has been a little more detailed as of lately.  We need more skilled people to come in that can hit the ground running.

Fortis provides a level of students that already have the skillset that we are looking for and in the busy facility, medical practice, lots of times training is not a thing that we can stop and do.

The Career Director here at Fortis has been very essential to our hiring needs.  She comes out and meets with us, she sees what we go through from day to day and she matches that student with us.