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Smart Home Technology is Already Here

Skilled TradesMay 30, 2015

From climate control and intelligent lighting to whole-house audio and smart energy systems, the new homes being constructed today offer a wide array of cutting-edge technology using low voltage electrical applications.  This is called smart home technology. These systems make our lives easier and more enjoyable while often helping us to reduce our utility bills and decrease our carbon footprint.   Systems that used to operate independently on individual control panels or devices can now all be controlled from a single app on a smart phone or tablet.  As these technologies continue to advance, the market will require skilled technicians to install, troubleshoot and repair them when things sometimes malfunction or require further optimization to integrate with new applications. Digital Communications Applications are Booming The price points for audio and video technologies for home entertainment continue to drop.  Components are getting smaller while TV screens are getting bigger and flatter.  All this convergence means that sophisticated home audio and video systems are now affordable for almost everybody.  The consumer demand will drive demand for suppliers to hire qualified installers and sales personnel.  If this technology excites you then perhaps you should consider getting the training necessary to enter this field.  With the right training you can handle the basic tasks that many employers need from their electronic systems technicians.