Skilled Trades

Shortages Continue for Skilled Non-Engineering Careers

Skilled TradesMay 31, 2016

If you believe the petrochemical industry just needs oil and gas workers, you would be far from accurate. According to an article that appeared in the Houston Chronicle, many companies in the oil and gas sector – especially those that are renovating and expanding – find they need skilled construction, fabrication and craft workers.


In fact, the article notes that available designers and welders who specialize in serving petrochemical plants are in short supply, creating strong demand for their services.


“Around the Gulf Coast, there is a shortage of skilled labor, and across the U.S. there is a shortage of workers to fill these positions,” Fluor Corp., Houston spokesperson Jim Hanna said.


Along with skilled labor jobs, craft jobs affiliated with the oil and gas sector are expected to remain in demand through 2035. These available jobs include such trades like welding.


“Because of the skills gap we’ve seen in recent years, the market for that type of experience is very tight,” Keith Wolf of a Houston-based recruiting and staffing firm told the newspaper. Wolf added demand is so strong that some companies have contributed money and equipment to college programs to help train new welders, while others, such as Fluor Corp., operate their own training centers where welders can upgrade their skills.


Welding Training & Programs

Instead of students enrolling in four-year degree programs, businesses that depend upon skilled trades professionals are advising high school graduates to consider a technical, or other training, in the trades.


With welding being such a hot commodity, welding programs such as those offered at select Fortis campuses may find graduates being snapped up by a wider range of companies than ever before. According to some HR professionals, it’s often easier to place craft applicants than it is degreed professionals.


If welding appeals to you and you’re interested in learning more about becoming a welder to take advantage of the profession’s growing career opportunities, contact Fortis today.