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HVAC Trends in 2015

Skilled TradesJuly 01, 2015

Goodway Technologies, which markets and manufactures HVAC maintenance solutions, has come out with its industry predictions for 2015. And it looks like HVAC is headed up! According to Goodway, 2014’s 4th Quarter indicators indicated a rebounding economy and a projected rise in housing that is projected to start this year. That will contribute to more new Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning systems being installed – which good news for the industry. The company’s HVAC experts also see heat pumps remaining hot commodities during the year, thanks to utility incentives and new technology that will increase heat pump efficiency. The trend for heat pumps is expected to build upon double-digit industry growth over the past two years.

Smartphones and Smart Homes To Boost HVAC in 2015

Smartphone usage is already at an all-time high, and in 2015, look for that to continue. There is significant room for growth through technology in the HVAC industry--with more prominent usage  HVAC mobile applications, it's easier than ever for customers to get in touch with HVAC technicians for jobs. Just like smartphones, smart homes are a big draw. Intelligent thermostats, heat vents that automatically adjust airflow, and much more are already on the market, or soon will be. And, apps have been developed, or are in development, to use smartphones to control home HVAC settings. With continued product innovation and all the changes being forecast, it’s easy to see how important it is for contractors and service personnel to be educated about these new HVAC technologies so they can “own the home” and control their own business destiny. Skilled, professional HVAC graduates are valued contributors to the continued growth of the heating, cooling and ventilation industry. Are you destined to become the next HVAC superstar? Click here to learn more about career education in HVAC.