Nursing Jobs: Glean Information Through Online Forums

NursingFebruary 24, 2014

A great way to find information about nursing jobs is through online forums. In an online forum, you can find out just about anything you want to know. Nursing forums will connect you to other nurses, nursing students and those contemplating whether nursing is for them. Nursing forums will not only give you the inside scoop on the locations of nursing jobs, but they will also inform you of upcoming events, such as nursing job fairs in your area and around the country. Here are three of the best online nursing forums.

All Nurses will connect you with nurses from all degree backgrounds and with various levels of experience. If you have a question, the people at will be able to answer it. There are approximately one million members on this website, so there are plenty of people to ask. There are many other areas on this site as well, such as articles, personal stories and maybe even a bit of humor to break up your day. You will be able to start friendships, find nursing jobs and gain experience when you visit

Ultimate Nurse features a plethora of discussion groups that will keep you reading, as well as keep you informed. There is a new user introduction area, news for nurses and a male nurse area, along with nursing assistant, LPN, RN and other specialized group areas to gain knowledge and learn from. You can learn where the nursing jobs are and even speak to a recruiter on This online nursing forum even offers an area for individuals to complain and vent their frustrations. This is known as the "rubber room." There is also an inspirational forum area, which none of us should be without.

Nurse Zone is packed with interesting articles, news and events and career advancement opportunities, as well as information for those who are just starting out in the nursing profession. You will find plenty to read and discuss on Find out where the jobs are, what you need to do to qualify for them and tips on how to land the perfect nursing job for you. even features a video library as an additional resource to advance one's nursing knowledge. You will want to keep this website book marked for future use.

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