Nursing Career Options: 4 Advantages of an RN to BSN Program

NursingJune 08, 2014

Although an RN to BSN Program will require an investment of your time, it can pay off in several worthwhile dividends. The additional classes and clinical experience will equip you with the skills you need to perform at your best and broaden your nursing career options. 

Another advantage is that the doors of opportunity will open for those who wish to reach their fullest potential and advance higher in the field. Lastly, a BSN is the wave of the future, as the American Nurses Association and the Institute of Medicine are recommending that nurses have this credential.

1. Stronger Foundation

Your RN to BSN coursework will increase your professional development and prepare you for a wider scope of practice. Classes will provide a greater depth of knowledge in the physical and social sciences along with research, public health and the humanities. The program will give you more understanding of nursing management as well as help you to better comprehend the political, social and economic factors that influence patient care. In addition to more studies, the curriculum also incorporates a more varied clinical experience, including rotations in community health centers, outpatient clinics and nursing homes.

2. Improved Skills

The program will equip you with essential skills for improving your nursing techniques. One of the most important skills needed for positive patient health outcome is critical thinking, an ability that will be honed through training and instruction. You will also develop a greater understanding of the characteristics of different cultures, which will be invaluable in working with patients from varied backgrounds. Additionally, the curriculum includes instruction in leadership, a skill that will help you rise in the ranks and assume managerial positions.

3. Career Advancement

If you get your BSN, you may have a wider spectrum of job opportunities because many employers often prefer nurses with this degree. A bachelor's degree may also make you a more attractive candidate for promotion, particularly for administrative and managerial jobs. Another benefit is that the credential will qualify you to teach students at technical and community colleges who are enrolled in licensed practical nursing programs and certified nursing assistant programs. 

Furthermore, the possession of this degree could serve as a stepping stone in the pursuit of advanced practice roles, including nurse practitioner, clinical nurse leader and nurse anesthetist.

4. Wave of the Future

Society's need for nurses in the 21st century differs from its need for the profession in the 20th century, reports the Institute of Medicine. Since people are living longer, today's patients have more extensive, complex and diverse illnesses than those of previous generations. The health care challenge they present mandates the need for nurses with competencies that extend beyond the basics.

In contemplating your nursing career options, you may want to prepare yourself as fully as possible to make the most of your profession. The advantages of RN to BSN programs are quite compelling.

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