America's Nurses: Pediatric Nurse Ann W. Loves Working with Children

NursingJanuary 25, 2014

Ann W., a New York pediatric nurse, has always had a desire to work with infants and children. "It was basically the whole reason that I decided to become a nurse," she said. Immediately after high school, Ann went to college and earned her registered nursing license. During this time, she was dating someone, became engaged and after graduation, she got married. "I absolutely adore kids, and I wanted a big family," Ann said. "We started right away." During this time, Ann was working in a pediatrician's office, but she wanted to work at the local hospital where she felt like she could make more of a difference in the lives of children and their families. In the same year, she become pregnant and started her new job as a pediatric nurse, a field that she immediately fell in love with.

"There are so many sick children out there, and they are often alone in the hospital, as their parents must go to work," Ann noted. "I love caring for them, as a mother would until their family arrives to be with them." She stated that there are challenges in dealing with children, but this is because they are sick and afraid. "My job as a pediatric nurse is to care for them not only physically, but emotionally. I feel so rewarded when I am able to calm a young child and he falls asleep in my arms. I know then that I have done my job. I know that they are finally comfortable and that I was a part of making that happen."

This profession is a specialty and requires some additional pediatric nurse training. "The abused children are the most heart wrenching cases," Ann said. "I rock those kids in my arms for hours. I never want to put them down. When they go home, I worry about them the most." Ann noted that there are numerous courses that have to be taken regarding a child's health. Even though a nurse may be out of school, they never stop learning.

Ann feels lucky to have found the profession of her dreams. "The joy and rewards of this type of nursing though are magnified greatly. Once you do this type of nursing, you may never want to go back to anything else."

Photo Source: Flickr