3 Reasons Why Nursing Programs in Utah Are the Best

NursingMarch 14, 2014

Since the nursing industry is a big deal, there are tons of nursing programs in Utah to pick from. Nurses there take patient care seriously and they also are dedicated to constantly learning and improving. What else is great about Utah? A lot! As I write this, I am looking out the window of an airplane taking me to beautiful Salt Lake City. The snow-capped mountains are enough to make a person want to stay forever. Here are some more reasons why Utah might be right for you:

Plenty of Places to Play

From the Olympic stadium to the Arches in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah is surrounded with fun places to play when you aren't busy studying. There is snow in the winter and a warm summer that makes it perfect for any activity that you are into. Cycling, hiking, skiing and snowboarding are huge here—be ready to have some fun!

Also, Park City (home of the Sundance Film Festival) is a mecca for high class shopping and skiing. It's not to be missed.

You Will Never Get Lost

The Salt Lake City area was a city planned on a grid system. The numbers start low in the city center and increase as they spread out on the axis, so no matter where you are, you will likely be able to figure out how to get where you want to go. It makes you wish all other cities had adopted a similar system!

In addition to excellent city planning, there is a light rail system that is pretty impressive. It will take you from Provo to Salt Lake, to the airport and to basically every cool place in the area with relative ease.

Something for Everyone

Are you looking for a hip urban vibe? The beautiful vintage apartments in Downtown Salt Lake City are right up your alley. Looking for a suburban, family-oriented home to raise children? There are plenty of neighborhoods in the metro area of Salt Lake that will fit the bill. If you want a taste of high society and the chance to rub elbows with celebrities, hit up Park City in January. Tired of seeing people and looking to spend some time with nature? Head up to the canyon. The Salt Lake City area offers anything your heart desires!

The choice is yours when it comes to an associate degree in nursing. Nursing programs in Utah have the academics covered as well as everything else that you would want after hours. If you love the beautiful scenery, vibrant seasons and variety, then Salt Lake City could be for you.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons