3 Pregnant Celebrities That Would Make Great Patients

NursingMarch 06, 2014

In the nursing profession, you are liable to meet many different people. Most nurses don't get the opportunity to tend to the needs of pregnant celebrities — but wouldn't it prove interesting if they did? Many would think that pregnant celebrities would be difficult to please, but the media conveys a different image; in fact, most celebrity moms-to-be appear to be just like anyone else when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood.

Here are 3 pregnant celebrity women who would potentially make excellent patients:

Kelly Clarkson

Is there anyone who doesn't like Kelly Clarkson? She is beautiful, talented and having the time of her life during her pregnancy, according to media everywhere. She states that she is not afraid to gain weight for her baby, which is great. As a nurse caring for Kelly as your patient, you could help her to make smart food choices. Kelly Clarkson appears to be the kind of open-minded person who would be receptive to good advice (which would make for a truly pleasant experience as her nurse). Kelly Clarkson and husband Brandon Blackstock have recently revealed that they are thrilled to be having a baby girl. Her endurance and positive attitude, despite awful morning sickness, make her an ideal candidate for nurse care.

Kate Piper

"Amazing, incredible and inspirational" are three words that come to mind when reading about Kate Piper. A former model, television celebrity and philanthropist, Kate is proof that some women are stronger than they appear. Her inner strength throughout her years of suffering with multiple surgeries to reconstruct her face, which was damaged by an attack with acid, has been an inspiration to so many people. Kate Piper is glowing and beautiful while she awaits the birth of her first child. Following her recovery, Kate has appeared on numerous television shoes, written books and is the recipient of several awards including the "Courage Award", the "Women to Watch: Inspiration" award and the Sainsbury's Women of the Year "You Can" award. As a patient, Kate has already proven her potential, as she has lived through so much in her young life so far. She has held her head high and endured — remaining strong throughout it all. She is truly an inspiration, and she looks stunning during this happy time in her life. She and her boyfriend will welcome a little girl soon.

Drew Barrymore

Fun-loving Drew Barrymore would be a fantastic patient to take care of! Drew is also waiting for a baby girl to arrive. This will be her second daughter with her husband, Will Kopelman. As an already experienced mom, Drew would be relaxed and pleasant as a patient. We loved Drew in E.T., we loved her in 50 First Dates and we are still in love with her! Drew Barrymore has a down-to-earth appeal about her, which would make a nurse feel like she was taking care of her best friend.

Taking care of any of these three mothers-to-be as patients would be an experience of a lifetime that a nurse would never forget!

Photo source: Flickr