Biotechnology: Learn About This Exciting Field of Medicine

HealthcareMarch 31, 2022

If you are a problem solver and want to make a difference in people’s lives, biotechnology may be an interesting field for you. This science field studies the use, possibilities, and implications of using biomolecular processes and living organisms to improve the overall quality of human life. Biotechnology is used to create new food products and protect and develop more nutrient-dense crops. It’s also integral in the development of vaccines and drugs such as those used to fight cancer, Alzheimer’s, HIV, and heart disease. Additionally, biotechnology is also used to develop more efficient manufacturing processes.

Biotechnology procedures are performed by lab technicians, who work with scientists to gather, research, and analyze samples, using equipment such as microscopes and computers. They conduct tests and experiments, documenting their observations and results. These professionals make a difference in the world by identifying and curing diseases, feeding the hungry, creating a safer environment, and reducing the environment’s carbon footprint.

Who Hires Biotechnology Lab Technicians?

If you’re considering a career in biotechnology, you may have wondered about your employment opportunities. With applications in many industries, lab technicians can choose from a variety of potential employers, ranging from startups to global organizations. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 32 percent work in scientific research and development services, 25 percent work for colleges, universities, and professional schools, 10 percent work for the federal government, nine percent work at hospitals, and six percent work for pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing .

With an education in biotechnology, you may find a role at a government agency, such as the Department of Agriculture, where you would test food and find ways to ensure its safety. Or, as a technician you could work at a pharmaceutical company, assisting in the development of new drugs. Still another option, you may find a role in the private sector, testing samples in environmental impact studies or developing products, like new flavors of food. 

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