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Network Administration and Security Training

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Train to Become a Network Administration and Security Professional with a Degree from FORTIS

Do you want to enter the exciting field of cyber security? If so, and you live in Ohio, you'll want to consider FORTIS' Network Administration and Security associate degree program. You need the right education and skill set to enter this important and rewarding career field and the Fortis College campus in Centerville, OH can help get you there.

Network Administration and Security Careers

Network Administration and Security specialists are the people who work to protect the data and systems connected to the internet. The threats and challenges they face are evolving every day. One way to categorize opportunities in cyber security and digital forensics is by the type of things the specialists protect and investigate: some protect computer networks, some protect data bases and some protect software, though many of these applications are often interconnected.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that workers in computer-related fields, especially those in computer security, should have favorable prospects nationally over the next decade. While many homeland cyber security jobs are with state, federal or local government, there are still many opportunities in private companies and nonprofit organizations. Every company with a network is a possible victim of a cyber-criminal act, which should create sustained entry-level opportunities over time.

FORTIS' Network Administration and Security Associate Degree Program

Students with a degree in this program will be prepared to assess system security vulnerabilities, detect attempted security breaches of computer systems and implement computer network security defenses. A degree from FORTIS can provide you with real world job skills and prepare you for a Network Administration and Security career in a variety of industries including IT, network security and digital forensics.

This program is a hybrid education delivery program which means students can take part of the program, such as general education courses, online while the actual computer and information technology course in the program are taken at the Centerville campus.

Graduates of our Network Administration and Security program will be trained to take at least one of the many industry exams for Microsoft Technology Specialist Certifications, as well as exams for Security/Forensic Certifications. Possible career opportunities include:

  • Digital Forensic Investigator
  • Computer Security Specialist
  • Intrusion Detection Analyst
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Network Security Specialist

The Next Step

Excited about enrolling in our program and getting started on your career in this rapidly growing profession? Request more information on the program for Network Administration and Security training and find out how you can enroll today!

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