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Business Administration Degree Program

Grow Your Career with a Business Administration Degree

A well-run business, whether big or small, needs each employee to do his or her part working together as a team. The FORTIS Business Administration program is an associate degree program. In it, you'll learn many of the essential building blocks for starting a successful career in business. The program curricula provide detailed business administration training to help you prepare for a variety of rewarding entry-level positions in business after graduation.

Careers in Business Administration

Business administration professionals hold managerial positions in large or small organizations across a wide variety of industries including technology, industry, retail, education, human resources, travel, hospitality, government and other sectors. On the job, these professionals use a combination of technical and interpersonal skills on a daily basis.

The technical components of this career revolve around strategy and decision-making skills that require knowledge about the principles of accounting and finance, business law, operations management and information systems.

The interpersonal aspects of the job are equally important and involve hiring, training, coordinating, negotiating, motivating employees, encouraging teamwork and creating an effective environment for the attainment of organizational objectives.

Business Administration Associate Degree Program

FORTIS' Business Administration degree program provides students with a firm grounding in the theory and application of modern business practices. Students are exposed to and trained in several areas of business including marketing, employee relations, finance, record keeping, organizational behavior, business leadership and essential computer applications.

In addition to courses specific to business, students are provided with meaningful educational experiences in general education, including language arts and social sciences, that helps them grow academically, personally and professionally.

Our AA degree program is available at the Fortis Institute Erie, PA campus. The business administration training program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary for entry-level positions in management and administration in a variety of industries within both the private and public sectors.

The Next Step

If you want to become a business administration professional, our associate degree program in business administration will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to obtain an entry-level position in a variety of business environments.

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Tracy H. - Fortis College in Ravenna