Marley S.

Marley S.

I looked at a couple of different schools but pretty much I chose Fortis because the schedule was fantastic, it was an 18 month program, you only had to go four days a week and that was still considered full-time and it really just allowed me to work and take care of my family while getting an education. It was perfect.

I think my education the biggest impact it’s done for me is really just confidence. Before school I really doubted my abilities, but now walking away from this, receiving this education, getting this job, it has made me a better woman, a better mother, a better person and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I just got a new place, a beautiful place for me and my kids and I am able to really provide my children for what they need and be able to set a good example for them on how to be a hard worker and succeed in life.

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