Jenna K.

Jenna K.

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Jenna K.

Dental Hygiene

Fortis Institute in Erie

I chose FORTIS-ERIE because it provides “hands-on” experiential learning delivered by skilled and caring instructors. FORTIS-ERIE is also close to my home and to where I want to live throughout my career.

I enjoy working with a great team focused on delivering quality service and leveraging our dental technology. I also like interacting with people throughout the day and teaching them new ways to care for their mouths while helping them understand the importance of good oral hygiene.

FORTIS-ERIE provided me with the skills and certification opportunities I needed throughout my student learning experience. This allowed me to hit the ground running upon graduation. The “real world” experience I gained in their actual dental clinic has proven to be just what I needed to get the job I wanted and to become successful as a Dental Hygienist.

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