Carrie F.

Carrie F.

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Carrie F.

Practical Nursing

Fortis Institute in Erie

I attended Fortis Institute in Erie, PA and my major was practical nursing. 

For my schedule with school it did get a little busy but I was still able to maintain working a full-time job while going to school, so it was a blessing. 

My instructors - they just were there to help you the entire time. They knew if you were having a bad day to pull you over and talk. It was much more than an education. They just really made you feel like a person; you weren’t a number to them. 

The education here at Fortis has really changed my life because not only has it shown me that yes, I wasn’t your traditional student coming out of high school, it was a little bit later in life that I chose this journey; but they’ve also been encouraging to continue my education as well.

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