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Brandy W.

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Brandy W.

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As not only a student of Fortis Online, but as alumni, I can say that my educational experience has changed my life. When I first came to Fortis in October of 2012, I had a primary goal in mind: Provide for my son the absolute best I can. With that drive and determination to provide for him at the highest level I can as a single mother, required an education I realized. So with the help of my Admissions Advisor Tony, we began constructing my path in education, to success.

Upon completing my Associates Degree in Medical Administrative Assisting with Fortis Online, in a quick year and a half later, I committed myself to be a professional in the administrative field and pursue a dual Associates degree; this time in Business Management. With the support and encouragement from my instructors, Dean, Admissions Department, the Career Services Department, God and (of course) myself, I was able to land my career soon after accomplishing my first Associates degree with Fortis Online about six months ago.

I have since gone from working two part time jobs, to now working one full time job, in which I am using my degree(s), making more money and spending essential quality time with my son. As much as I would like to say, “Mission Accomplished,” I realize that it is only going to get better from here as I strive forward. To you I say, “Welcome to Fortis Online!”

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