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Are you interested in medical assisting programs in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Tecas? Be sure to check out our program in medical assisting offered at the Fortis College campus in Grand Prairie, Texas. This program can equip you with the clinical, administrative, and interpersonal skills you will need as a medical assistant in order to help keep medical offices and clinics operating at their best. 

FORTIS is known as one of the leading healthcare education providers in the country, and we have the experienced instructors who can provide you with comprehensive education to prepare enable you to take the first steps in your medical career. 

Medical Assistant Careers

Medical assistants are vital members of the healthcare team. Working in various types of medical environments, they assist doctors and nurses in performing office administration tasks and basic patient care duties. 

Medical assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks for clinics and doctors' offices.  They keep the offices and clinics running smoothly across all specialty areas - such as physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and optometrists. Job duties typically include clerical tasks such as setting appointments, maintaining records, and answering phones, as well as clinical tasks like taking patient histories, vital signs, and preparing specimens to be sent to off-site laboratories. 

Job Growth in the Medical Assisting Field

As doctors increasingly rely on medical assistants to help with various patient care needs and daily office management, the demand for medical assistants will continue to grow. The BLS ranks the medical assisting profession as one of the fastest growing occupations with 23% job growth expected nationally over the next 10 years.

After gaining practical experience, some medical assistants decide to further their careers and enter other related fields, like nursing or health information management.

Medical Assistant Training in Dallas and Fort Worth Area

The FORTIS program in medical assisting at the Grand Prairie campus is designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level employment as a medical assistant. In the program, you can become proficient in office administration, medical computer systems, and clinical areas. The training you receive throughout your studies can prepare you to perform your job effectively and to have a successful career as a medical assistant.

Take the Next Step

Take the first step toward your successful career as a medical assistant and enroll in our program for medical assisting in Grand Prairie, Texas. Our program delivers the education you need to work as a vital member of a healthcare team.

If you would like to learn more about our program in medical assisting in Grand Prairie, Texas, contact us today via phone, email, or live online chat. Our friendly admissions representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have about the program, course scheduling, tuition, and financial aid programs that are available to those who qualify.

Programs vary by state and campus. Not all programs are offered at all locations. Contact local campus for accreditation information.

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