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FORTIS Microsoft Network Certification in Woodlawn, MD

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Learn Windows 7 client and Windows 2008 Server environments while being prepared to earn at least one industry recognized Microsoft Network Certification in MD to begin your IT career in an entry-level position in Information Technology.

Do you want to pursue a career working in Information Technology?  Are you looking for a computer training program in the Baltimore, MD area? The Microsoft Network Technology program at FORTIS is designed to provide you with real world job skills, including both Windows 7 client and Windows 2008 Server environments.

As a Microsoft Network Technology student at FORTIS, you will learn the skill set to troubleshoot both physical and logical problems, work as part of a team to accomplish common goals, research solutions for technical issues, and learn to install, upgrade, and configure both hardware and software.

Become a Microsoft Network Technician at FORTIS in Woodlawn, MD

When you complete this Microsoft Network Technology training program at FORTIS, you will be qualified to assume entry-level positions as a LAN administrator for an IT (Information Technology) department in any industry worldwide. Request more information to get started on your FORTIS Microsoft Network training in MD today!

Programs vary by state and campus. Not all programs are offered at all locations. Contact local campus for accreditation information.

Program Costs and Career Outcomes
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