Why Cybersecurity Jobs Are More Secure Than Most

TechnologyNovember 09, 2016

Are you looking for a career that won’t disappear anytime soon? You may want to investigate the booming cybersecurity field.

According to a recent McClatchy news article (“Want a sure-fire job? Train to fight computer hackers”), companies are faced with more than 200,000 currently unfilled positions, are scrambling to hire cybersecurity professionals, and the shortage won’t be quickly filled.

Cyber Security Job Forecast

The Cybersecurity Jobs Report forecasts the shortfall in the United States alone could hit 1.5 million three years from now. “The Internet is growing faster than the growth of people to protect it,” National Cyber Security Alliance CEO said in the article.

The problem has gotten the attention of the White House, as well as cybersecurity programs such as the one at Fortis College in Centerville, Ohio, which is preparing the next generation of cybersecurity talent. Program graduates can benefit from the competition between government agencies and private companies seeking to lure cybersecurity experts for their staffs.

According to a survey released in September by The State of Cyber Security Professional Careers, nearly half (46%) of currently working cybersecurity professionals have been recruited for other jobs – some being solicited on a weekly basis.

Preparing for a Career in the Cyber Security Industry

That’s not to suggest every brand new cybersecurity graduate can immediately print her or his ticket to the top. It’s not quite that easy. “It takes time to develop the instincts to be an effective cybersecurity engineer. You can’t just come out of college and know what to do,” says David Foote of Foote Partners in Florida.

One of the biggest obstacles to defeating cyber criminals is how quickly the threat landscape changes day-to-day. That can be hard to train for, which is why experience counts so much in becoming an effective #CyberWarrior.

In addition, it often means candidates need a nonconformist edge that enables them to pick apart problems. But, if you’ve got the “right stuff” and want to stand on the front lines of today’s cyber wars, Fortis College in Centerville may be a good choice for you.

The campus offers an associate degree program in Cyber Security and Forensics that can prepare you to be the next #CyberWarrior. Find out more about our Cyber Security training programs today!.

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