Millions of Cyber Attacks Happening Each Day

TechnologyJanuary 21, 2015

Cyber Security Threat: Astounding Number of Cyber Attacks

How many cyber attacks do you think are launched in the United States each day? Thousands? A million? Consider this: in 2013, the Deseret News reported Utah’s secure government networks faced as many as 20 million cyber attacks EACH DAY! Just one state…and only government sites. That doesn’t include businesses or personal cyber attacks such as stolen identities. It’s probably safe to say U.S. networks face hundreds of millions of hack attempts and attacks every day. Many of these may come from unsophisticated hackers and cause little or no harm, but a growing number of cyber attacks – such as the notorious Sony hack late last year – were launched by highly skilled, professional hackers. The Regin malware attack on Belgium’s Belgacom telecom company and Target and Home Depot credit card hacks in the U.S., for example, were highly sophisticated and caused widespread damage and/or theft.

Future of Cyber Security

According to and, the “business” of hacking is likely to grow even more in 2015. Anyone and everyone who exchanges information or conducts business via a computer network is potentially at risk. That begs the question, what can we do to stop these attacks? First and foremost, always use care and caution when online. Install anti-malware and cyber security programs on computers. If you run a business or large organization, make sure you’ve got a #CyberWarrior between you and the bad guys. What’s a #CyberWarrior? They’re the information security and intrusion detection analysts who plan and carry out measures to protect your computer networks and systems…and the technicians who monitor those systems to ensure unauthorized users are not gaining access. In some cases, they’re the ethical hackers (yes, they really do exist!) who constantly probe network safeguards to find weaknesses that can be corrected before criminals exploit them. These #CyberWarriors are a network’s last line of defense. Any computer network not using a cyber security team to ward off potential attacks is playing with fire.

Train to be on the Front Line of Cyber Warfare

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