How to Practice Enhanced Cybersecurity

TechnologyAugust 08, 2016

We’re all aware of the importance of cybersecurity in today’s world. But, it’s not just government agencies, political parties or intelligence-related corporations that need to be more vigilant. Even the cars and planes upon which we rely for transportation can be targets.


According to an article in The Hill, automotive cybersecurity became a focus for lawmakers after a video went viral last year showing two researchers remotely hacking into the operating system of an SUV while it was being driven. As a result, and because many automotive parts are manufactured by others, automobile companies have asked third-party contractors to outline how they manage vulnerability disclosures.


While many security advocates support “over-the-air” updates that can download themselves directly into automobiles, the industry is divided between that approach and updates that require a visit to dealerships. It is believed it would be less likely for something to download wrong during direct dealer updates.


Anyone who regularly flies is well aware of the changes in air transportation since 9/11. Despite the many level of added security we now undergo, some industry officials believe still more needs to be done. Especially in areas where digital technology and the centralization of information has been expanded.


Homeland Security Today points to several examples of actual and potential airline threats – such as Chinese hackers who stole information about passengers from at least two major U.S. carriers; fake flight plans being uploaded to a Polish airline’s fleet; and the hacking of a USA Today reporter’s computer while using an in-flight Wi-Fi service.


Starting Your Cyber Security Career

These are just a few examples of the cyber threats to the transportation modes we use. Who is looking out for us? A growing cadre of cyber security specialists, including ethical hackers, who find and expose potential areas of concern so they can be eliminated before those intending harm can hack the system.


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