Hacked Again! New Cyber Security Threat Emerges after China Attack

TechnologyAugust 07, 2015

America gets a significant share of its imports from China – but it’s not just merchandise and resources that are flowing from the Eastern country. The latest wave of Chinese imports appear to be cyber-attacks! The most recent cyber-incursion encompassed stealing the personal information of some four million U.S. federal employees. While the government says no classified information was compromised, it’s believed the hacks may have been directed by the Chinese government. Of even more concern are the facts this was the second major security lapse by the Office of Personnel Management in little more than a year--and that these cyber criminals were able to siphon social security numbers, email addresses and other personal information from the government network for several months before being detected. Prompted by the attacks, U.S. Senator John McCain said “our top priority must be finding ways to deter our enemies from attacking in the first place.” When the government with its many resources can be victimized, it becomes even clearer just how dangerous the cyber world can be. Which is where Cyber Security and Forensics specialists come in – America’s #CyberWarriors. These trained professionals are being recruited by government and corporate executives to identify system weaknesses and create safeguards that can help prevent cyber incursions. Typically, it takes a well-trained team of cyber specialists to survive in this digital age – security specialists to install computer network defenses; intrusion detectors who can quickly identify attacks that have gotten past firewalls and act to stop them; forensic investigators to analyze data and help prosecute cybercriminals; even ethical hackers, whose value lies in finding weak spots before malicious attackers can. It’s an ever-evolving fight as cyber thieves adapt technology to bypass network shields and new viruses are developed to infect computer servers and files. A job for which the Cyber Security and Forensics program at Fortis College in Centerville, Ohio, can prepare new #CyberWarriors.

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