Biggest Ongoing Cyber Security Threats for 2015 - #SonyHack Is First Glimpse

TechnologyFebruary 06, 2015

What are the biggest cyber security threats we likely will face in 2015? According to’s newly released predictions, here’s some of what we can expect:

  • More nation-state attacks in which multiple networks are compromised. WIRED says tools used by spy agencies to install back doors into systems remain one of the biggest threats to computer users in general.
  • Data destruction, like in the Sony hack, could become more common. Malware data and reboot wipes could render computer systems inoperable, taking lots of time and money to rebuild.
  • Bank card breaches will continue, whether hacking at point-of-sale terminals, or through the use of skimmers. Some card companies are adopting so-called “chip-‘n’-Pin” cards to thwart thieves but, until those are commonplace, these hacks will remain profitable.
  • Third-party breaches – cyber-attacks made on one business solely to gain access to a second, more lucrative target…particularly those that provide essential services that disrupt thousands of people.
As you can see, the cyber world is a dangerous place. Malicious attacks are growing at an alarming pace, creating the need for more specially trained #CyberWarriors to keep these dangerous threats at bay.

Cyber Security Specialists Wanted

Cyber security specialists are being recruited at every level of government and the corporate world to assess system vulnerabilities and design safeguards to prevent unauthorized intrusions. From the security specialists who implement network defenses, to the intrusion detectors who must stop hackers who get past the first lines of defense and forensic investigators who analyze data to help prosecute cyber criminals, it takes a well-trained team of specialists to survive in this digital age. The training is demanding. The job is ever-evolving, as cyber thieves adapt technology to bypass your safety shields and emerging new viruses are launched in an attempt to infiltrate your networks. But, as a #CyberWarrior, you’ll be making a difference.

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