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Working in an Advertising Agency: What CBS's The Crazy Ones Gets Right

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

Working in an advertising agency might not be exactly like the kind of thing you see on the hit CBS show The Crazy Ones, but the show does include some true elements.

The Importance of Client Relationships

In the episode "Models Love Magic," Robin Williams' character and his boss take clients out to lunch in an effort to woo them. This does happen often at real ad agencies. Clients are regularly taken out for lunches as part of conducting and promoting business. The episode also explores the importance of client relationships. The advertising industry has changed a lot in the past decade, with technology being a driving factor. In The Crazy Ones, client relationships are also important, as shown by Simon Roberts' (Robin Williams) conversation with his boss regarding his nervousness about making the client feel that they made the right decision to work with the agency. This is a common concern in the industry because clients pay the bills. It is also true that agencies are concerned with changing client budgets and strategies.

Creative Workspaces

Of course, working in a creative profession demands a creative atmosphere and working in an advertising agency is no different. In The Crazy Ones, there are depictions of a chic building interior with modern designs on the walls, furnishings and even the elevator, which has a bold spotted cow-like pattern of black and white. Working in an advertising agency in a major urban city is often like this. There are many modern designs incorporated into the infrastructure. This goes back to satisfying the client's desires and the impression of the agency, as well. Working in an advertising agency is often about representing a creative image, just as much as it is about creating one. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 22 percent of advertising and promotions managers worked for advertising agencies in May 2010.

Diversity of Work

It is true that many advertising agencies have their own niche type of products and services with which they work. It is also true, especially of larger agencies, that many have a diverse portfolio, as is the case in The Crazy Ones. Often times, ideas can be universal and transfer to several types of industries, and working in an agency may mean being able to think creatively on your feet. Many agencies win awards for being able to pull this off. Working in an agency might not be exactly as glamorous as it is on the small screen, but some of the conceptual anecdotes of the show are correct. Photo Source: Flickr

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