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The Hospitality Industry: What is Considered Excellent Customer Service?

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

When it comes to the hospitality industry, many people wonder about what level of customer service is considered "excellent" in this specific field. Everyone knows that there has to be some level of customer service offered within this bustling industry, but what exactly is considered top-notch service? Here are three levels of customer service within the hospitality industry that can help us identify what a stronger, more sophisticated level of customer service entails.

Above and Beyond at All Times

Many people believe that good customer service requires a healthy communicative relationship between guests and staff. While communication is definitely the key to any relationship, "excellent customer service" exceeds that. A hotel staff that goes above and beyond for its guests is known as five-star customer service, and this can describe anything from running personal errands for guests to getting their cars washed. While this may sound a bit ridiculous, many leading hotels hire employees to do just that. They are hired as personal assistants or guest relation employees, who cater to every need of the guest.

Expectations Are Met and Exceeded

When a guest has a request, most hotels do their best to satisfy that request with whatever services and sources they can provide. When it comes to four and five-star luxury hotels, employees step over that line of satisfaction to exceed the guests' expectations. For example, a guest staying in town on business is hosting a very important business meeting the next day at the hotel property. The guest mentions to someone in guest relations or at the front desk the night before that he is a bundle of nerves or jet lagged, and he does not have everything prepared yet. A hotel that provides this higher level of customer service will notice the comfort level of the guest, sympathize with their mood and see what they can do to support and help them. The guest may then receive some assistance in printing copies for the meeting, be offered some refreshments or food to energize him and restore his jet lag or he may even return to his room to find a bottle of wine to help calm his nerves. A hotel that exceeds expectations and truly listens to a guests' needs is one that provides excellent customer service.

Handling Problems

The way a hotel or hospitality establishment handles any problems that occur during a guest's stay is highly noticed. Many leading hotels have a set of protocol measures they can use when something goes wrong. Excellent customer service is the level of efficiency that is displayed among hospitality staff members and management when things go awry. In the hospitality industry, the best way to manage guest dilemmas is to listen to the guest and his needs, figure out the most appropriate plan of action and solve the problem so that everyone is happy in the end.

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