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SEO Tips for Your Website

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

A key element in creating a website is ensuring that the site can be easily located and ranked by popular search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. To make sure your site provides maximum search engine optimization (SEO), here are some valuable SEO tips that you'll learn while pursuing an online internet marketing degree.

Do a Keyword Analysis

Web traffic is driven by the words people enter when they use a search engine. These keywords (usually, anything from one to four words) are critical to getting your site highly ranked on search engines, thus making it more likely to get noticed and clicked on by search engine users. Start thinking about all the words that relate to your business or to the theme of your website. If, for example, you're establishing yourself as a web designer, "web design" is a logical keyword choice. What about where your business is located? Are you looking for customers in a particular area? If so (let's say you're based in San Francisco), then another essential keyword choice would be "web design San Francisco." Also keep in mind keywords that may change in popularity over time. A yogurt store's website, for example, would want to include "Greek yogurt" among its keywords, based on the current widespread popularity of this food item.

Strategic Keyword Placement

Once you've compiled a list of keywords and phrases, it's time to break the list down into a manageable 10 to 12 to use in your content, which includes everything from text and images to links and videos. When you create content for your site, weave these keywords organically throughout the text, as well as in titles, image captions and the site's URL. At the same time, be careful about overusing keywords. Most search engines can tell when there are too many keywords on a particular web page (known as "keyword-stuffing), and they will treat that page like spam.

Create a Sitemap

A page that lists all the other major pages on your website, and includes links to each of those pages, increases the odds that it will be found by a search engine.

Link Back to Pages on Your Website

As you create new content, make sure to include links that will take viewers to other archived pages on your site. These internal links also help get your site ranked higher in various search engines.

Always Add New Content

To keep your site fresh and interesting to visitors, you should always be creating new content. Informative, entertaining articles and blog posts attract more readers, and the links that you include in this content are good for SEO purposes. There are plenty of other SEO tips for enhancing the SEO quality of your website. This is just some of what you will learn in acquiring an online internet marketing degree. Photo Source: morgueFile

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