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Resort Management: Finding Your Dream Location

Online DegreesAugust 15, 2015

Resort management is an extremely fast paced sector in the hospitality field. Dreams are what drive people in this day and age, and many people in the hospitality field dream of a resort job. What values does one look for in a company to make those dreams come true? Any company that is seeking an individual of this caliber, with a resort management degree, should look for the following three values: 1. Character 2. Competence 3. Commitment

The "Three C's"

A company's character should be built on a strong foundation of values and beliefs. This is especially crucial in the area of resort management. These values and beliefs are what will attract guests to the hotel's location, as well as future employees who may want to work for the company. Each and every hotel has their character to uphold. The trick is for degree holders to find resorts that possess qualities and beliefs similar to their own character. The Employee and Training Administration has developed a competency model that is designed especially for the hotel and lodging portions of the hospitality industry. This framework identifies numerous areas of expertise to keep in mind when choosing that dream location. At the base of the pyramid is personal competencies, which provide differences between individuals. Above this is the academic competencies in which a degree falls. The next step up is workplace competencies, which reference how the team works together for a common good. Next is the industry-wide technical competencies. All of those classes that you completed to earn a degree are useful in this stage. They are the roots of what hospitality is all about. Industry sector technical competencies are the basics of the training that everyone goes through. At the top of the pyramid is the management competencies. Those are not listed, but they involve all the lower levels, as well as a focus on financing and budgeting. A company's commitment is not only to their guests, but also to their staff. A happy staff makes for happy guests. Every company should strive for this rhythm on a daily basis. Building and keeping a strong team unit within the workplace will make the employee's commitment to the brand even stronger. An employee needs to feel valued and respected as well as empowered. That's where a good manager comes into play. The individual successful in resort management is the one who is committed to upholding the "Three C's." Keep these factors in mind when searching for that dream resort management job. They are a valuable tool in determining the best fit for you. Want a degree in the hospitality management field? Contact Fortis today! Photo Source: Flickr [cf]skyword_tracking_tag[/cf]

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