Pursuing a Homeland Security Degree Online

If you are looking for a solid job in which you can make a difference in your community, pursuing a homeland security degree online is one of the best choices you can make. Homeland security is a dynamic field of criminal justice that applies to many areas of society. Since security is a must for any region, this career is in high demand within virtually all major metropolitan areas.

How to Break into the Field

One of the best ways to get started with a career in homeland security is to pursue an associate degree in applied science in criminal justice/homeland security. This homeland security degree is a great way to prepare you for a career in the field because the program provides students with an overview of corrections, policing techniques, juvenile justice, emergency medical services and firearm safety, and many other topics.

Salary and Demand for Homeland Security Degree Holders

Although salaries for graduates differ based on various factors, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the national annual median pay for police officers and detectives in 2010 was just over $55,000. Ideal candidates in the criminal justice field are typically able to multitask and work well under stress, and most criminal justice professionals perform shift work. Paid overtime is also common within the profession.

The Benefits of Online Learning

Pursuing a college degree in the past used to be a significant commitment because aside from the costs, you typically would have to be on campus most of the time, causing you to miss out on work and family commitments. Fortunately, many schools are now offering online programs, which can work around students' schedules instead of requiring them to sit in lectures for set periods of time. Schools that offer online programs are often geared towards individuals looking to change careers or simply further their education.

By pursuing a career in homeland security, you can ensure that you will have the opportunity to reach your fullest potential. Earning a quality education online is readily available, as long as you have the drive to succeed.

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