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Print Ad Design: What You'll Learn in a Graphic Design Program

Online DegreesAugust 13, 2015

Print ad design is a major component in the completion of a graphic design program. In the creation of effective print advertisements for magazines, billboards and signage, you will learn how to combine large and small quantities of text with compelling visuals in a way that most effectively conveys your client's message and motivates the target audience to take action.

Effective Use of Compelling Visuals

Programs that teach graphic design for print will provide you with tips and advice on how to choose the best photographs, illustrations and graphic elements, as well as help you to know when to make a visual element strongest and when to make it secondary to the main headline. Time will be also be spent teaching you that making a headline larger is not all that can be done to capture a reader's attention.

Organizing Body Copy

A minimalist approach that is demonstrated in graphic design programs (possibly using one simple but well chosen line of text) can be used in effective print ads. You will also learn how to organize large bodies of copy by strategically incorporating subheadings, utilizing bulleted lists and columns, employing kerning and tracking and using indentation.

Including Contact Information

You will also learn the importance of including key contact information for the client including their logo, the company name, email addresses and telephone numbers, website address and maps. Most graphic design programs will also expand upon how to include extra elements such as reply envelopes, coupons, samples and other similar additions.

Is Graphic Design the Program For You?

A bachelor's degree in graphic design is usually required for jobs in this field. Students that are most drawn to a graphic design program tend to enjoy finding ways to communicate creatively and originally, through the use of visual concepts that are designed to inform, inspire and motivate consumers to take action. By learning the skills required to create effective print ad design and applying the tips and advice offered through a graphic design program, you will possess the experience and training that is necessary in order to pursue a future career in the field of graphic design. Photo Source: morgueFile

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